Home Surfing Waimea River surfing with Jamie O’Brien

Waimea River surfing with Jamie O’Brien

Waimea River surfing with Jamie O’Brien

Jamie O’Brien is back with another video as he surfs through the blue waves of the Shark Cove and then the brown murky waters of the Waimea River.

The Shark Cove is located on the North Shore in Oahu and has been rated one of the “Top Twelve Dives in the World” along as a surf hot-spot. The cove is a rocky bay with some of the bluest waters you’ll ever see. It’s also home to a coral reef – which totally shreds O’Brien up.

Conditions are almost perfect as the beach is closed, meaning no locals, giving the boys a private session. After the sesh, they get a crucial call giving them the green light on the Waimea River.

The Waimea River dumps directly in the ocean, and when the conditions are perfect, you can catch a constant line up of waves. Finish the video to see Jamie’s YouTube QnA. Get involved and let Jamie know what you guys want to see!


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