Why this skateboarding trick by Rodney Mullen should be IMPOSSIBLE


Dianna Cowern, creator of the popular Youtube channel, Physics Girl , explains why a certain skateboard trick should be impossible. She was hesitant to make the video because only skateboarders would be interested.

Narrowing the scope leaves the others in the dust. Cowern compares it to “making a montage of tractors mowing” because both have very limited appeal. What changed her mind? Well, that she would be working with none other than Rodney Mullen, the “Skateboarding Godfather” who is credited with inventing numerous tricks.

These tricks include the kickflip, heelflip, and the impossible. Mullen claims the impossible, even though he didn’t name it, got its name because it takes an uncomfortable amount of time to finish its rotation. The impossible is an excellent example of physics in action.

In this video, Cowern talks with Mullen on the physics involved in skateboarding. Cowern credits Rodney by saying, “ It’s amazing to me how much of Mullen’s use of physics is so inherent in his comfort with skateboarding.”


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