Travis Rice and the History of Baldface


Baldface stretches over 32,000 acres in the Selkirk Mountains, just outside Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. The range gets anywhere from 137 to 236 inches of snow per year. Baldface has garnished a remarkable reputation as a center for snowboard culture and has been considered as a magical place by Travis Rice, and Mark McMorris.

This video is star-filled and features Travis Rice, Mark McMorris, and Eric Jackson. Travis Rice, is an American professional snowboarder from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Snowboarder Magazine named him as the 13th most influential snowboard of the last 20 years.

Mark McMorris, is a Canadian professional snowboarder known for his big air events. In 2011, he landed the first-ever Backside Triple Cork 1440. The humble youngster is stoked to ride with Rice and Jackson. Eric Jackson is an American professional snowboarder from California.

Snowboarder Magazine named Jackson the 10th Rider of the year in 2017. A truly epic trio. Tune in to see these guys give nothing but positive vibes as they board through this snow haven.


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