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Vans Brings Out the Boys from Canada

Vans Brings Out the Boys from Canada

This Vans “Courtesy” Video has a ton of guest appearances from members of the Vans family, but the spotlight most definitely belongs to Leon Chapdelaine, Dusting Henry and Etienne Gagne.

The main featured hail from Canada – some would make the point that their nationality is obvious after one good look at their outfits and niceboi demeanor (psst, Chapdelaine’s Canada crewneck is a major give-a-way).

Skate aficionados may appreciate the refreshing lack of the “skate and destroy” ideology found in this video. Such polite skate behavior usually gets a bad rap, but we can dig it, ay?

What’s really rad to see is the camaraderie among the entire team; all love, all Canadian.

These guys root for each other, whether you landed clean or biffed it up.

Chapdelaine, Henry, Gange, and the rest of their team rip as they perform line after line, good manners galore. Look to 09:00 to see Gange’s opening trick!


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