Snow Surfing In a Speedo


Winter temps on Japanese beaches might be freezing, but it’s definitely not enough to keep Jamie O’Brien from catching a good surf. “Stay Psyched” is the personal catchphrase he plays over and over in this head when he’s surfing in rough conditions, and if seeing is believing, it works.

Before heading over to the beaches, O’Brien and his hearty crew crash a snow festival where they compete in a series of obstacles and contests. What ensues is basically a show-all, tell-all as O’Brien goes as far as to compete in a Speedo – you can see the Speedo sesh starting at 7:55.

Even with O’Brien’s classically wild, feel-good antics, it’s his good buddy Laird that steals the show, bringing with him his trademark high-octane energy and eccentric personality.

The shenanigans certainly don’t stop there, as the group later searches through the snow festival to find Laird a girlfriend. Peep the video and enjoy the regular freakouts.

Stay psyched, bros!


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