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Kader Sylla: More Normal than you Think

Kader Sylla: More Normal than you Think

For most, walking into a room full of familiar faces is a sure sign that something noteworthy is happening – images of past festivities might’ve just flashed in your head (you’re welcome).

This past January, Kader Sylla didn’t exactly walk into a party, but the news he received from Baker is definitely a cause for celebration. Sylla was officiated as a “pro” skater on January 17, 2019 – not a bad way to start the year if we do say so ourselves. Witness the surprise celebration starting at 8:05.

Going ‘pro’ in the sports world is no easy feat, with many hopefuls burning out before getting their shot. That said, Sylla has been extremely humble throughout the entire process, “I’d be hyped if I was pro, but i’m not like tripping on it. I don’t really care. I’d like to keep skating and trying to put out video parts, but, like, that’s probably the least of my worries.

Like I’m hyped to be on the team and go filming and skate trips and stuff.”
Such an accomplishment is made all the more impressive considering Sylla is only 16 years old.

While honing his prodigious skating talent is a top priority for Sylla, he still makes time to decompress with by playing video games or pulling playful pranks with friends, “when I’m bored I like fucking with people. If you can outrun it’s like perfect because like you just want the last slap on everyone, like you want the last hit. Once they get the last hit it’s like it’s still game on… Sometimes, I can’t stop it’s like a fucking addiction.”

In the ‘slap game’ that Sylla touches on, a player slaps another and then evades being slapped. It’s a spiced-up version of Tag.

To keep up with Sylla and see his latest clips, peep the link to his IG

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