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Tony Hawk skates the first downward spiral

Tony Hawk skates the first downward spiral

Just when you think nothing new can happen on a board, Tony Hawk comes in with a crazy idea to push the envelope.

TH is no stranger when it comes to pushing skateboarding to new heights. Hawk is a vert legend with countless NBD (never before done) tricks, and just refuses to let the flame die.

By skating the first downward spiral loop, the torch is still lit and will continue to burn. The downward spiral is a helix-shaped ramp and requires tons of speed and momentum.

When you skate with that much momentum, it needs somewhere to go, knowing this, Tony braced himself for a rough landing as the helix sent him flying out of the chute.

This video takes us on a behind-the-scenes experience and shows the entire process of the stunt; from the creative process, to the building of the ramp, and ultimately to the attempt.

The trick wasn’t easy. As Hawk faced anxiety as he approached the ramp, he kept in mind that if he let the anxiety take over he would never land the stunt.

Watch to see if he lands it. You think you can land it? Let us know in the comments below!


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