Is this the longest manual ever on a street skateboard?


With a top speed of 28 mph Simon Stricker masterly manuals 1.35 miles down the Bernina Pass in Graubünden, Switzerland, in a record-shattering time of 4 minutes and 6 seconds.

Play the video above and witness Stricker traverse beautiful scenery and deftly skate alongside oncoming traffic to secure a New Guinness World Record.

The previous Guinness World Record for the “longest manual (wheelie) on a skateboard” had been set by Sean Glatts at 735.99 feet long one minute and sixteen seconds which he achieved at Solana Beach in California.

To clarify, a manual is a balancing act where skate athletes ride their boards on two wheels – a popular trick of which there are four variants.

Stricker performs the standard manual for this feat down the Pass, which completing at all is a feat all on its own (the manual just makes it especially cool).

With astonishing and unprecedented speed, Stricker soars through the Pass.

Before the epic event took place, Red Bull sponsors had the opportunity to speak with an anxious Stricker.

He went on to share that the terminal speed and various paths within the route would make this endeavor a particular challenge.

However, any doubt that may have been present in the vicinity was quickly dashed aside as Stricker took off in stride, a master of his craft.



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