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Surfer Magazine best of 2018

Surfer Magazine best of 2018

2018 was an eventful year with major events such as the Volcom Pipeline Pro, and plenty of extraordinary waves. If you don’t remember the latter as much, that’s OK, you can give the ol’ brain a rest, as we’ve got you covered.

This video, brought to you by SURFER Magazine, is just what the doctor ordered for all your memory-jogging needs as it showcases highlights from famous surf spots such as Skeleton Bay, Maui, and Cloudbreak.

Viewers are in for a visual treat with beautiful and breathtaking shots of sun-filled beaches, gnarly waves. Surfers featured in the video are as follows:

1. Koa Smith | Skeleton Bay

Filmed by Chris Rogers

2. Kai Lenny | Pe’ahi

Filmed by Ryan Johnson

3. Ramon Navarro | Cloudbreak

Filmed by Taylor Curran

4. Noa Deane | North Point, Western Australia

Filmed by Mikey Mallalieu

5. Albee Layer | Maui

Filmed by Dan Norkunas

6. Naxto Gonzales | Nazaré

Filmed by Jon Aspuru

7. Cam Richards | Pipeline

Filmed by Nate Leal

8. Matt Meola | Maui

Filmed by Dan Norkunas

9. Grant “Twiggy” Baker | Pe’ahi

Filmed by WSL

10. Billy Kemper | Pe’ahi

Filmed by WSL


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