Home Surfing I surfed the Volcom Piper Pro in a Speedo

I surfed the Volcom Piper Pro in a Speedo

I surfed the Volcom Piper Pro in a Speedo

What if I told you that Speedo’s were the next big next? It’d be hard to believe, well that’s until you see Jamie O’Brien in one. Wearing a Speedo was is out of the ordinary, but it’s what the fans wanted.

O’Brien hits the streets of Hawaii up to ask what the public thinks. The people spoke, and with 15 yeses, 2 noes, and a no from Tina, Jamie is wearing the Speedo. O’Brien’s strangely makes history with this stunt as no one dares to stray away from board shorts and wet suits.

Watch Jamie O’Brien as he prepares for and then, surfs the Volcom Pipe Pro, which is held at the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii in a Speedo. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Volcom Pipe Pro is a major surf completion that attracts hundreds of pros from all over the world.

The competition runs 13-days in order to give all the athletes a chance at great lines. The Volcom Pipe Pro is not for chumps and O’Brien is no newbie. O’Brien actually won the first every Volcom Pipe Pro, at its debut, in 2010. He crushed it with a score of 17.


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