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Jaws Vs Lyon 25

Jaws Vs Lyon 25

Picture this…(ready?)

You are soaring through the air. You look down and see stairs – which a second ago looked seemed like a bad idea – and as you near the ground, you know your feet are exactly where they need to be.

You are cool and collected as you land, clean, with the only question in your mind being, “Where are my bolts?”

If you’ve ever thrown some stairs, you might be feeling a bit nostalgic right about now. Now picture the stair set being 25 long (yup).

Lyon 25, one of the biggest “skate-able” sets in the world, has only been ollied once before by one Ali Boulala way back in 2002; it’s a feat that has remained unmatched since…that is, until Aaron Homoki a.k.a. “Jaws” showed up on the scene in 2014 (nearly 12 years later!)

To fans of “Jaws”, this comes as no surprise at all. Homoki has garnered a reputation as the all time “monster set” devourer – in fact, he goes out of his way to find spots that most would consider impossible and downright stupid.

The impossible doesn’t come easy, as Jaws throws himself numerous times before securing his moment in history.


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