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Epic Mountain in Morzine, France

Epic Mountain in Morzine, France

Watch American snowboarders Kevin and TJ on their own excellent adventure as they shred down a mountain range in the Alps belonging to the sleepy town of Morzine, France.

The pair expertly make their way to the peak of the mountain, rewarding viewers with epic shots of the surrounding landscape in all its fresh and untouched winter splendor.

Speaking of “epic shots”, be sure to take note of the astonishing 360 degree portion of the video which was taken at the very top of the mountain. Through their journey, the jovial duo expose viewers to the mesmerizing scenery native to the French Alps.

Although the video isn’t “trick heavy” TJ and Kevin do manage to execute a few ollies to keep things interesting. Viewers also get to witness the pair discover and traverse several runs that are typically avoided along this isolated mountain front.

With swaths of fresh powder and ideal weather, The cosmopolitan exploits of TJ and Kevin will surely give viewers the itch to get up, grab a lift ticket, and hit the slopes.


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