Seek and Destroy with Travis Rice and Eric Jackson


Follow Travis Rice and Eric Jackson in this video as they cut through the frigid Alaskan mountaintops in a slick helo. In their quest to find the legendary “Alaskan Crack” – an enormous crevice, popular with dare-devils – the duo stumble upon virtually untouched snow.

Eventually, Rice and Jackson discover the Crack, which surpasses all expectations as they complete their run replete with flips, spins, and jumps. Alaska is notorious for its inhospitable landscape – this is especially true after fresh snow has fallen.

The fresh snow typically remains “unsafe” for at least 24 hours, during which time it is particularly difficult to board through and requires you to make your own paths. This video was shot entirely on a GoPro Hero4 and is part of a 4-part series produced by Red Bull called, “The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice,”

Travis Rice and Eric Jackson are professional American snowboarders. Rice is currently listed as #13 on Snowboarder’s Magazine’s “Top 20 Most Influential Snowboarders”.


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