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Facing the World’s Deadliest wave

Facing the World’s Deadliest wave

Believe it or not, becoming a successful surf photographer isn’t a ritzy or cosy path, but rather paved with glittery waters and wild waves. These talented thrill seekers put themselves in substantial danger in order to effectively utilize their “magic eye” to capture the perfect shot.

As any seasoned surf photographer will tell you, getting as close to the wave as possible is essential, but underestimating the situation of the wave, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time – even slightly – can put one in a potentially life-threatening scenario.

However, the pros always know better and are sure to enter these precarious surf hot-spots with laser-focus, humility, and the sure knowledge that carelessness can make a rad shoot into a bad one.

Amber Mozo, a 22-year-old surf photographer (and North Shore Oahu local) has photographed exotic spots all over the world, capturing plethora of sweet ‘money’ shots. However, Mozo has yet to shoot one of the most famous – and dangerous – surf spots in existence: The Banzai Pipeline.

The Pipeline is, in fact, considered to be one of the most dangerous lineups in the entire world. To put some context into the significance of Amber’s mission: Jon Mozo, Amber’s father, was a legendary surf photographer who tragically drowned after being was swallowed by the Banzai Pipeline.

The somber event did not stop the headstrong Amber from picking up her first camera soon after. Amber has not visited the Pipeline since the accident, but with the help of fellow photographer Zak Noyle, and a tremendous amount of courage, she ventures out to scene for the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro.


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