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SKATE Brazil with Luan Oliveira

SKATE Brazil with Luan Oliveira

Brazil is becoming a skateboarding hot-spot. Each year we hear about another unknown grinding out of Brazil onto the “skate” radar and blessing us with insane skate videos.

One of our favorites Brazilians is Luan Oliveira. If you’re wondering what it’s like to skate Brazil, you can stop now and peep this video as Oliveira shows us around his hometown of Porte Alegre. He gives us the grand tour and shows all the must-rip spots, parks and even the sketchy places to avoid.

In addition, we also get a glimpse of the local life as Oliveira introduces us to a few locals. Here we meet a 15-year old Brazilian ripper Bruno Melao. Oliveira even shows us the house he grew up in — Verified sketchy.

From buttery street skating to phat 360 airs out of park pools, this video is oozing style. Oliveira has some of the biggest pops and steeze in the game and stops his tricks with authority. You can watch Oliveira absolutely killing it in Street League.

Keep your eyes open for talent coming out of Brazil and Oliveira’s future parts. Shout-out to Luan Oliveira, his sponsors, and the Ride Channel. Oliveira’s sponsors include Flip Skateboards, Nike SB, Spitfire Wheels, and Independent.


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