Chris Coulter rides down Bell Ringer in First Ascent


Alaska is a vast terrain filled with every imaginable run. The large backcountry lacks resorts and lifts, but any peak is reachable via helicopter.

The mountain ranges of Hanes, Alaska, have turned into a world-famous destination for allowing boarders and skiers to fly around via helicopter in search of the highest peaks.

Naturally, this would attract Chris Coulter – a veteran who has been snowboarding for 26 years. Coulter stays extremely busy by traveling the world snowboarding as he lives, breathes and dreams snowboarding and has dedicated his life to it.

In this video Coulter takes on Bell Ringer. You can tell by the deep cloud of powder trailing Coulter that the snow is deep. Coulter goes off to say, “Alaska is everything it’s made out to be. Whatever you can imagine you can find it there.”

Athletes from all over the world come here to chase a first tracks on the peaks of these incredible mountains and it’s no surprise that Coulter considers this one of his top spots.


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