Home Surfing “Pacific Dreams” a California Surfing Film

“Pacific Dreams” a California Surfing Film

“Pacific Dreams” a California Surfing Film

Compiling several bits of surf footage taken across the coasts of California, Pacific Dreams gives us a beautiful and cinematographic look into the beach towns, wildlife, and waves that thrive along the Pacific.

While the Pacific has traditionally been known for its salty, murky waters, Pacific Dreams shows viewers a wholly different perspective. Without having to rely on a wordy overarching narration, the video focuses on featuring the visual beauty that surrounds the California surf scene.

Relaxed beats accompany the vivid imagery both of which mesh together effectively evoking a unique and pleasant feel. This film was born of Jeff Chavolla’s lifelong love for the ocean; he reportedly finished this project in an astonishing 4 months after moving to a small coastal town.

Chavolla specialities run the gamut – they include: cinematography, photography, editing, and coloring of commercial, real estate, lifestyle films, and photographs.The surfers featured in this video are as follows: Adam Lambert, Dane Reynolds, Yadin Nicol, Kilian Garland, Trevor Gordon, Cory Arrambide, Chris Keet, and Lakey Peterson

To get in contact with Jeff, check out his website or email him directly!


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