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X Games Aspen 2022 Day Two

X Games Aspen 2022 Day Two

X Games Aspen 2022 Day Two – McMorris gets his gold back; Tomita first ever Japanese Women’s SuperPipe winner

Three snowboard events ran through X Games Aspen 2022 Day Two as the competition continued on Saturday. After missing out in 2021, Mark McMorris took home gold this year in the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle. Sena Tomita claimed gold in the Women’s SuperPipe and Marcus Kleveland defended his Big Air throne.

McMorris’ victory won his sixth gold medal on X Games Aspen 2022 Day Two and is now tied for the fifth most medals in X Games history with 21. His amazing fourth run in the Slopestyle event was tricked out with a 50-50 backside 270, a switch lipslide transfer to switch back 270, a huge switch back triple cork stalefish, a even cleaner frontside triple cork weddle into a perfect backside triple cork 1620 indy on the last jump line.

In his first run, Sven Thorgren went down on a scary fall trying to do a frontside triple on the second jump. He eventually came back with a strong fifth run finishing with a backside 1620 stalefish and ended up bumping from 9th to 3rd place for bronze. Thorgren now has 5 bronze, 2 silver, and 1 gold in his X Games career medals.

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott earned her first gold in the X Games Aspen 2022 Snowboard Big Air event. That’s two days and two golds for the 20-year old. Sena Tomita became the first Japanese gold medalist in the Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe. Although she fell in her first run, she came back in her second run with six hits and a frontside 900 reaching 12’ 7” in the air. Then in Tomita’s third run, she hit a frontside 1080 with a 13’ 1” vertical.

X Games Aspen 2022 Day Two closed with the Men’s Snowboard Big Air where Marcus Kleveland performed a backside quad cork 1800 indy and a cab 1800 weddle for gold. Winning his second medal of the day (placed silver in Slopestyle), Kleveland’s two best runs totaled a score of 82, only 1 point higher than Max Parrot’s best two runs with one that included a flawless frontside triple cork 1800 mute.

The last of the X Games Aspen 2022 Day Two and snowboarding events have ended here on Saturday but the final bout is up ahead tomorrow and features the remaining Slopestyle, Knuckle Huck, and SuperPipe ski events which will be broadcasted on ESPN and ABC. For more details on all events and results, check out the X Games Aspen 2022 schedule.


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