Home Snowboarding Truffle Pigs, An Alaskan Odyssey

Truffle Pigs, An Alaskan Odyssey

Truffle Pigs, An Alaskan Odyssey

Professional snowboarders Travis Rice and Chris Rasman embark on an expedition in search of prime, untouched snowboarding spots throughout the Tordrillo Mountain Range in Alaska.

No question, these guys treat Tordrillo like a playground as they venture out with little direction throughout the breathtaking scenery. At several points, Rice and Rasman prove their prowess with incredible flips that gain massive air.

It’s been said that Rice and Rasman have a 6th sense when it comes to pinpointing the hidden sweet spots. They sniff them out, like treasured truffle pigs. We couldn’t agree more – view above to see for yourself.


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