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Surfing with great white sharks

Surfing with great white sharks

In 2018 alone, there were 2,785 shark attacks recorded worldwide, 439 of which were fatal. Sharks have gained notoriety for being extremely dangerous hunters.

Their acute sense of smell allows them to smell blood from a distance, and they have enough teeth to take a good chunk out of you. Even with this being true, people can swim and surf alongside them, but, would you?

Well, a group of daredevils decided to take the risk in this video. This video follows Casey Neistat – who is an American YouTube personality who records his adventures, as he takes us to the base of the Sentinel Mountain to “The Dungeons” of Hout Bay, South Africa.

People familiar with the area know the perils that await at this spot. For those of you that aren’t familiar, The Dungeon’s green waters are famous for world-class waves and an overwhelming amount of great white sharks (Yes those sharks from the movies).

Even though it’s swarming with sharks, these guys show no fear as they attempt to swim with these underwater beasts. Would you?


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