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Kings & Queens; The Evolution of Corbet’s Couloir

Kings & Queens; The Evolution of Corbet’s Couloir

Watch as world-class skiers and snowboarders jump, flip, and crash down an essentially straight downslope in the Kings and Queens of Corbet’s competition. This coed competition is judged by athletes and brings 25 athletes from around the world to Corbet’s Couloir.

Corbet’s Couloir is located in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village Wyoming. It’s considered an expert ski run and has been named one of “America’s scariest ski slopes.” It is one of the most famous snowboarding spots in the world.

The Couloir is named after a Jackson Hole Mountain resort guide and instructor Barry Corbet. Corbet found and accurately predicted that it would one day be skied down. People have compared it to the Banzai Pipeline — one of the most renowned and dangerous surf spots in the world. Who would have guessed it would be this big?

The competition doesn’t separate skiers and snowboarders, and they get judged by the same judges. It’s loads of fun and filled with highlights of the athletes fearlessly dive, flip and crash down the couloir.


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