How to survive deadly waves by Red Bull Cape Fear 2014


Cape Fear, the notorious surf spot that time and time again has earned its namesake, continues to exist as the premier location for some of the most dangerous waves on the planet. Said waves have verifiably broken bones, punctured lungs, and led to a host of serious injuries.

While not a single person has died from injuries sustained while surfing the hazardous waves at Cape Fear, it is likely to remain a menacing destination for all that dare to attempt to master its waters. In fact, the notoriety of this place is precisely what led the Red Bull team to bring together a safety team for their event.

In 2014, Red Bull hosted its first competition at Cape Fear, which ended up being one of the most noteworthy competitions of its sort in the world. The safety of the competitors isn’t taken lightly – especially at an event like this; Red Bull calls upon some of the best swimmers and water safety lifeguards ever to lead a water safety team.

The safety teams train by undergoing test drills that are intended to mirror the real thing. The drills include traversing treacherous breaks and reenacting real-life scenarios.


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