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How to improve your snowboard riding

How to improve your snowboard riding

Snowboard Addiction, a hugely popular snowboarding channel on YouTube since 2008 boasts over 177,000 subscribers ans shows us how to improve our riding. This channel focuses on tutorial videos showing how to become a better snowboarder. They have tutorials on basics, such as posture, and advanced stunts like learning how to flip.

The video keeps it mellow and reminds the viewer of a few bad habits that are easily spotted and fixed. These habits include poor posture, how to properly set up your bindings, and how to prepare for landings. It goes over a lot but the focus is on body posture. All the tips are essential on the mountain and can make the world of a difference.

The advice is easily followed, like when he recommends recording yourself boarding so that you can identify the errors. At the end of the day, nobodies technique is perfect. Boarders have their unique swagger but don’t be stubborn bro, snowboarding is dangerous but hella fun!


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