Home Snowboarding Heli Skiing in Haines, Alaska with the Bellringer Trolls

Heli Skiing in Haines, Alaska with the Bellringer Trolls

Heli Skiing in Haines, Alaska with the Bellringer Trolls

“Totally quiet, totally pristine” this is how Reggie Crist describes the colossal, snowy white mountains of the beautiful and illustrious Haines, Alaska. Fans of epic snowboarding and ski videos typically get the jist right away – we see the athlete(s) get out of a heli, stand at the pinnacle of a monumental mountain, and then swiftly descend down the often insane incline all while expert photographers perfectly capture the whole experience.

Pro snowboarder, Chris Coulter does not disappoint as he – along with
Reggie Christ – brave the epic turns native to Haines, Alaska. Although the participants make it all look easy, the whole operation involves a great deal of precision from everyone involved.

The photographers, the ski guides, the pilots, and the skiers themselves, all need to work as unit as any slight mistake can ruin the entire project. “Experience plays a huge role, It just has to come together from all different angles and so the only way you learn is trial and error” explains Reggie Christ, the Bellringer Tolls guide featured in the video.

Jeff Engerbretson, the video cinematographer, spoke of his work, “You forget where you are…Then you pull the camera away at the end of the shot and you’re like ‘whoa, look where I am.’” It’s remarkable to see how passionate these individuals are; they love every minute of what they do, and when they come together, that’s when the magic really happens.


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