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GoPro Skate: Toyko

GoPro Skate: Toyko

It’s strange to think that Tokyo, a city with heaps of cops, people, and traffic would be one of the best destinations in the world.

Tokyo attracts the best boarders from around the world with hopes of landing the perfect trick down the perfect spot. It’s no surprise that the GoPro’s titan of a team had to come to skate the city for themselves. In the latest episode of GoPro Skate, the GoPro Skate team hit the streets of Tokyo.

Tokyo is known as an extremely difficult place to skate with the crowded streets and fast acting police force. These reasons allow skaters only a few tries at each spot before the party is crashed by unwanted po-lice.

The GoPro team consists of Sean Malto, Leticia Bufoni, Chris Cole, and Andrew Brophy. They pummel the lively, colorful, towns in Japan and catch it all on camera. We also get to meet local pro, Kota Ikeda, as he shows the team around. This video is a mess of skating along with a look into Japan’s local communities and culture.

It is also interviewed styled, so we get to hear what the team thinks. Shot completely on GoPro’s, along with a selfie stick. There is a lot more to skateboarding than just collecting clips, a major aspect of skating is visiting new spots and learning about the local communities and culture.


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