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Fourth phase, how Travis Rice survived an Avalanche

Fourth phase, how Travis Rice survived an Avalanche

Ever think of the chances that you’ll be stuck in an avalanche? It may not be common, but being caught in one could change your life forever.

Avalanches happen when a layer of snow comes crashing down a mountain top. They can happen suddenly and without warning, and every snowboarder or snow enthusiast should be prepared for one. It’s not something anyone wants to find themselves unprepared and/or running from.

Fortunately Red Bull teamed up with Travis Rice to raise awareness. In this video, Rice recounts the time he found himself under the grip of an avalanche. He gives us a descriptive narrative of what he experienced, and his thoughts before, during, and after the incident. He says, “It’s a whiteout and you can’t see. Things got so aerated that I was breathing snow in.”

It was a scary site. He took a really large fall, over a massive cliff and was crushed by the destruction slab of snow. He walked away with nothing more than a few bruises and a broken board. The video shows Rice being eaten alive by the avalanche, not knowing if he would come out alive.

He came out of with no major injuries. It’s important to know the dangers of avalanches and what to do in these situations. Organizations like, Know Before You Go provides 5 easy safety steps to keep in mind when tackling dangerous mountains.

The famous 5 steps are “get the gear, get the training, get the forecast, get the picture, and get out of harm’s way.” Learn more on Know Before You Go’s website.


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