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Burton Presents 2016 – Danny Davis

Burton Presents 2016 – Danny Davis

Ever wonder what it would be like to have an entire mountain to yourself? Danny Davis doesn’t have to in his recent project with Burton Snowboarding.

Burton presents 2016 – Danny Davis follows Davis as he rips down a secluded mountain in the ranges of Japan and then competes at the 2016 X-Games.

Davis talks on his experience with injuries and how they motivated him to come back stronger and better. He has a consistent goal to be an all type rider so that he can stay limber and compete at the highest level.

With this in mind and the X-Games around the corner, these guys head to Japan for a warm-up session. The guys had to squeeze into a car, but are rewarded with an absolutely amazing location with feet of fresh snow.

We also get to see the winning run that wins Davis a gold medal. If you ever doubted Davis’s skills, you can stop after watching this!


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