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Bombing Cannibal Canyon

Bombing Cannibal Canyon

Watch the Sector 9 team risk life and limbs to bomb Donny Pass aka Cannibal Canyon in the Sierra Nevada, California. This canyon got its nickname in the 1800’s when a group of pioneers trekked through the trail, only to find it blocked by snow and were forced to eat their dead companions to survive.

200 years later this road is still considered one of the most treacherous trails and grabs the attention of the world’s best downhill riders. This 2.4-mile highway has an elevation change of over 2,000 feet, sharp turns, and can support speeds of up to 50 mph.

The Sector 9 team, teaming up with Red Bull, take on this ominous canyon. This video follows Louis Pilloni, A.J. Haiby, Jimmy Riha, Micah Green, and Jackson Shapiera as they ride down the intense route and is captured all on a GoPro in a POV styled video.

Let’s hope the cracks and speed wobbles don’t get to them. Would you ride down this canyon? Lets u know in the comments down below!


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