Home Surfing Australia’s heaviest wave surfed by Matt Bevilacqua

Australia’s heaviest wave surfed by Matt Bevilacqua

Australia’s heaviest wave surfed by Matt Bevilacqua

With grey skies and dark waters that break directly into a perilous bluff on the Eastern Coast of Tasmania, Australia the Ship Stern Bluff is not to be taken lightly. The Ship Stern Bluff – known as “Shippes” or “Devil’s Point,” creates some of the heaviest waves in Australia.

It’s dangerous and is known to break bones and filling lungs with water until blood is coughed up. All this danger does not stop Matt Bevilacqua a champion in The Iron Man Series, a treacherous 7.3-mile triathlon and a 4 times M20 World Paddleboard champion.

The Iron Man series race is tedious as it requires athletes to be in tiptop shape with its 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile marathon, and 13.1-mile bike ride. Even with this impressive résumé Bevilacqua finds himself training for this point break wave.

To train for the stunt, Bevilacqua undergoes a rigorous underwater wrestling course. Underwater wrestling may seem irrelevant, but it teaches someone how to stay calm as they are being crushed by a wave.

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