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Andrew Cotton – This and Nothing Else

Andrew Cotton – This and Nothing Else

“My whole life’s always been focused around the surf.” This is how Andrew Cotton, a big wave surfer and motivational speaker articulates the greatest pursuit of his existence. Hobbyist surfers know the struggle of trying to juggle passion projects with other responsibilities.

It can be tough, and most have to eventually and inevitably hang up their board. Even with the tremendous amount of responsibility that comes with being a father and husband, Cotton has found a way to create a life that allows him to surf regularly.

Once upon a time, Colton had worked as a full-time plumber and lived comfortably, but found he could not stay away from the ocean; he’s a surfer through and through and loves surfing “whether it’s 2-foot, 20-foot, or 100-foot.”

Cotton surfs throughout the winter and works all summer as a lifeguard, and even manages to work part-time as a plumber, and as previously mentioned, he has also found success as a motivational speaker.

You can contact him through his website, and subscribe to him on YouTube Andrew Cotton Surfer. Be sure to also follow Andrew Cotton on Instagram and Twitter


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